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- New Music for Children by Young Composers


Commissioned and compiled by

Pia Liptak, violin 

The Hochstein School of Mucis and Dance


Howard Spindler, piano

The Eastman Community School of Music


This collection of pieces for violin and piano is specifically targeted at beginning and intermediate level piano and violin students and provide an opportunity for them to be exposed to music of our time.


The project has created 20 pieces composed by 10 young composers, from High School students to Ph.D. composition students at Eastman. All the pieces will have two instrumental parts of equal levels. The collection presents pieces in which two students of comparative levels can develop ensemble skills together.


During the commission process, two masterclasses were part of the project. The students had a chance to meet some of the composers and to work with them and ask questions. Both masterclasses were facilitated by Howard Spindler and Pia Liptak. Two concerts premiering all the pieces by students and teachers completed the project. Masterclasses and concerts took place at The Hochstein School of Music and Dance and at The Eastman Community School.


A printed set of the new pieces is available purchase. The set consists of a violin part and a piano score (sold together).


The printed collection of the new pieces is available for purchase. The set consists of violin part and piano score and is sold together
as a complete set.
Price: $22 + shipping
Please contact me if you are interested
in buying the collection.



In 1, 2, and 3 octaves

With Scroll Troll as guide, this book takes you through the basics of chords and arpeggios. Not only does this book provide progressive exercises with detailed suggestions on how to practice, but it also offers a look at the theory behind the topics. The book is intended for students of all ages. It draws from a number of commonly-used technical books is inspired particularly by Ivan Galamian’s scale system, “Contemporary Violin Technique” and could be considered preparatory for a course of study centered around his books. The fingerings chosen for this volume are naturally one of many possible options. These fingerings were chosen with the aim of being systematic, for easier memorization, as well as with the ease of playing the instrument in mind.

Arpeggios COVER.png

The book is around 100 pages
Drawings by Amanda Kirkpatrick
Price: $22 + shipping
Student discount available.
Please contact me if you are interested
in buying the collection.


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