For studio policies, please click the document below:

Notice of lesson cancellation:
Please let me know well in advance if you need to cancel a lesson. This will help me plan my time and also help in scheduling make-ups more easily.

Who to contact:
Please always call the Hochstein office: (585) 454-4596

For last minute cancellations: 

I would appreciate also a text directly to my cell-phone:

(585) 752-5087 



If a lesson is cancelled due to my absence (teacher cancellation), you are guaranteed a replacement lesson.

If a lesson is cancelled by you (student cancellation), there is no guarantee for a replacement lesson. Only very limited rescheduling of student cancelled lessons is possible.

Make-ups of make-ups are not given. 


Special cancellations and credits:

For more information, please refer to the information you received from Hochstein when you registered.


For make-up times:

Go to "make-ups available" in the menu.