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Technology - updates coming soon

To transfer larger  files, such as video and audio recordings, you can try one of the following:


Basic version is free - but only up to 2 GB 

Upload your file and share the link


. Respond to request for you to upload to receiver's dropbox 


Basic version is free with these limitations:

10 GB of storage

250 MB file upload limit

Photos App on Mac and possibly other photo services on other devices

- shared album if you have iCloud:

0. Make sure your file is in the Photos App 

1. Choose file in Photos

2. Click the share Botton 

3. Click Shared Album

4. Click New Shared Album (it's the plus sign) and give the album a name 

5. write the recipient's email address

Google Drive if you have  gmail  / email

Compose email

Choose attachment and select the file you want to send - the size limit is 25 MB 

If your file is  too big to send as an attachment with  the email, gmail will upload it to Google Drive

and send the file via a link.


Go open  Google Drive (from your gmail options) and upload the file

Click on / open the file 

Then click share (click the three dots in the upper right hand corner)

Choose email and send 

The size limit is 10 GB 


Use Maildrop. Read more here:

Text message 

Meeting Platforms:



Facebook Messenger


Rehearsal Platforms:


Claims to have the capability of live rehearsal between multiple  players.

You will need Ethernet (wired connection) rather than Wi-Fi

An external microphone is also recommended 

                                                                                                            More information to come

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