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About PiaPress

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Pia Liptak


Violinist, Pianist

Arts Leader, Teacher

Composer, Photographer


As a balance to working with sound, I enjoy visual arts and explorations in photography. 

A musician’s “products” are often transient. Sound happens in the moment and then vanishes - though we hope that the characters, the emotions, and the stories we aim to portray will have an impact on the listener beyond that brief moment of sound. 


PiaPress is my platform to share products that are tangible and that I have produced: photo cards and images, recordings of music and sheet music. 

About the


The two currently featured photo themes, Café Glass and Rose Canvases, originates in the enjoyment of having a rose garden and visiting a favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Each rose has a different character, color, growth, and fragrance and I enjoy portraying each of their personalities.


A block-glass wall in a coffee shop began to fascinate me as the different colors from the weather, passers by, cars, created entirely different patterns in the glass. I frequented the café just as much for the glass as for the superior coffee. 

Block Glass Wall.JPG

About the


RECORDINGS: Exploring contemporary music and lesser-known repertoire has been a special interest in my musical work. I collaborated for a time with Japanese koto player Ryuko Mizutani in Duo vio-LINK-oto which enabled us to work with living composers and produced recordings of music some of which was dedicated to us. With pianist Yi-Wen Chang I have recently recorded some favorite musical works I have lived and worked with for a long time. The recording will be available as a physical CD, Reflections, from this website soon and as digital tracks generally available later this summer (2024).


SHEET MUSIC:  Four Haiku for violin, piano with poetry reader is featured on my recording Reflections. These pieces are now also available as sheet music. My Three Pieces for piano solo  reflects on water, crystal, and the musical intricacies of a fugue. Woods, Water, Wonder is a set of pieces written by young composers for young violinists and pianists. The set was commissioned to share my interest in contemporary music with my students.

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